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What makes Maranatha different then just about every other church in New York's Capital District? Our "Home Bible Study" program! Maranatha Ministries is committed to giving everyone in New York's Capital Region the opportunity to know what's in the Bible. (If you live outside the area contact us and we will find a church near you that offers this program.)

Since King James, in 1611, had the Bible translated into english so everybody and anybody could read it, (at that time a "Bishop's Bible" was used which could only be read by those in the ministry) it's our contention at Maranatha that everyone should read it. What's more, while the leader of a Home Bible Study is often referred to as the "teacher" we don't actually "teach" anything. A Home Bible Study is simply designed to show you how to read the Bible and let you decide for yourself what it means to you.

While many disregard the Bible by saying that it can be interpreted many different ways, that just simply is not true. In fact the Bible says of itself, "knowing this first, that no prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation." 2 Pet. 1:20

When people start "interpreting" the Bible, it's usually because they're not liking what it's saying. But we believe that while we may not "like" everything the Bible has to say, there are those who are hungry and thirsty for God's truth and should have the opportunity to know what that is.

Jesus, Himself, said; "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled." Matt. 5:6

You know, the Bible is the number one best selling book and yet it’s the number one least read book at the same time. And my question to you is, why? Why would so many people go to so much trouble to by so many Bibles so they can spend so much time... NOT reading it!? And it’s a shame they don’t, because the Bible is absolutely the most exciting Book ever written. From love stories to war stories, from heroes to villains, the strong and the weak, the supernatural and the simply human, the Bible has it all. (Not to mention the "Plan of Salvation" to assure your entrance into heaven!)

So why don’t people read it? I mean it’s obvious people have a hunger for what’s in it or they wouldn't buy it. Actually, the answer’s simple. People don’t read it not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know how to! Do you know how many people say that when they try to read the Bible they put it away more confused than when they first picked it up? In fact, you’re probably shaking your head in agreement with me right now!

The problem is that the Bible is not written like other books. It is literally hundreds of different stories intertwined throughout its pages and all this under one cover. Try picking out just 10 of  your favorite novels and read 3 pages from one, then 3 from another, until you’ve gone through all ten, then start over again with page 4 of the first. Confusing? Well, that’s somewhat what the Bible is like. It’s not written like a novel, it’s written according to themes. So if you pick one theme out and just read the scriptures about that theme it will begin to make perfect sense.

Why is the Bible written like this? (Isa 28:10 KJV)  For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

It’s like this so the insincere, the scoffer and the mocker, will never understand. But the sincere, people like you and me who are hungry, we know there’s something in this book and we’re willing to work to find out  what it is. It’s to people like this that Jesus reveals Himself to through His word. So get ready for an exciting revelation. You’ll be amazed as the Word of God unfolds before your very eyes.

Now let's dispel a terrible myth. The Bible is not mysterious or hard to understand once you learn how to read it. Now I’m not against education by any means, but if you think you have to have a bunch of letters after your name, or some degree in theology to be able to understand God’s Word, you just don’t understand Jesus. Have you ever wondered what’s so difficult about understanding what 12 simple fisherman wrote about? While it’s true that the Apostle Paul was very learned and educated,  for the most part, the disciples of Jesus were simple men. Even Jesus, Himself, was a carpenter!

Now listen to what the Bible says in 1 Tim. 2:4. …he wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.

Now if you had to be a graduate from divinity school to understand the Bible then not everyone could understand the truth because the truth is found in the Word of God! Jesus put it in a way that anyone could understand it. It’s when we mystify everything because the simple truth we are seeing seems too simple that we confuse the issues even more.

So let’s blow away the cobwebs and brush the dust off the covers of our Bibles. And while were at it let’s blow away the cobwebs of our preconceived ideas and traditions and just simply read what the Bible says. The most exciting journey you’ve ever been on is about to begin. The journey through the pages of God’s Word.

The Bible Study usually last about 45 minutes and is about 8 lessons long. (Usually 1 time per week for 8 weeks at your convenience.) It is non-denominational in that the study does not promote any denomination's doctrines unless those doctrines are written in the Bible and in that case it is the Bible that is emphasized and not a denomination.

There is no charge for the Bible Study. It is offered by Maranatha as a public service in our effort to be obedient to the Lord and let everyone and anyone know what His Word says.

Finally, there is no commitment to be a member of Maranatha or to ever become a member of Maranatha. While we'd love to have you join us as a church family member, you will not be pressured to if it's not for you.

To let us know of your interest in a "Home Bible Study" simply fill out the form below and we will work with you to schedule a study.

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